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Winner's Circle is dedicated to promoting the rehabilitation of incarcerated individuals by providing them with vocational skills and training that will enhance their employability, reduce recidivism rates, and promote successful reentry into society. We believe that by offering comprehensive vocational education programs, we can help incarcerated individuals rebuild their lives and achieve personal and professional growth, while fostering a supportive and respectful environment. Our mission is to empower our students with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to succeed in the workforce and to promote a safer and more just society by reducing the cycle of recidivism. We are committed to rehabilitation and reentry efforts and believe that every person deserves a second chance to become a contributing member of society.

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"The measure of a civilization is how it treats its weakest members."

Mahatma Gandhi

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What if you were known for the worst mistake you ever made? What if that mistake haunted you in all aspects of your life, including ever being able to find a job? Shelley Winner details how she overcame the statistics stacked against her and is helping others do the same. This Talk was produced in partnership with Sirna Productions. Shelley Winner is a Restorative Justice Activist whose goal is to change the world, reduce crime and advocate for justice involved people all while helping companies improve productivity and revenues. 76% of people released from prison will re-offend and return to prison; this is called recidivism and Shelley is working to turn the tide on this statistic. Someone has to challenge the societal stigma that prevents companies from hiring people with criminal records and Shelley has taken up that mantle.

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