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Our Mission

Winner’s Circle is not only a program that exists inside the justice system, but is an ecosystem for returning workers that provides hiring opportunities, coaching and mentorship, and a peer network throughout the life of their career.

We have brought together a three-step process where we consider the needs of both the inmate and the future employer and provide a measurable pathway to success.

We have assembled experts to develop the whole inner person (tailored to inmates) and partnered with the industry to provide skill training as a process to lead to interview preparedness as individual preparedness and being a skilled worker


Whole Person


Whole Education


Whole Opportunity

Meet Our Founders


Hazel Ortega


Director at Ortega Counseling Center and High Tide Global. 2023 Global Social Impact Award Recipient, Educational Psychologist & Bilingual Speaker


Shelley Winner

Winner's Circle Co-Founder

International Keynote Speaker, Restorative Justice, Diversity & Inclusion Speaker, Tedx Speaker, and Surface Specialist

We view the time of incarceration as the incubation period and the interview or hiring as the true starting point of a flourishing career and true reintegration.

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